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Thank Congress for Pell Grant Funds

 Thank Congress for Pell Grant Funds 

The recently enacted Budget Control Act of 2011 raised the debt ceiling and provided $17 billion over the next two years to help shore up the Pell Grant program. This was an incredible victory for community college advocates and for all of higher education, since  Pell Grant funding was increased in a bill that otherwise dramatically reduced federal spending.

In light of this extraordinary achievement, it is crucial that community college students  contact their Congressional delegation as soon as possible to thank them for making Pell Grants a budget priority. Hearing from students now could reinforce our message and help discourage cuts for the program when the Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 education appropriations legislation is written.  Reports indicate that serious consideration is being given to trimming the program from its current levels, despite the infusion of funds just provided.

Students: Contact your Members of Congress ideally by Wednesday, September 7, though contacts would be helpful at any time.  It will just take a minute of your time.

College Staff:  The following materials will help you get the word out to your students

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