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 Statement of Cooperation 

American Association of Community Colleges
League for Innovation in the Community College

As we enter the second century of the community college movement, our field has emerged as a major academic, workforce, and community resource—an agent for positive change in cities, states, and nations. As two of the key organizations serving this sector, it is essential that we continually strive to develop and foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation. Our organizations are clear about the roles we each play, and working together allows us to conserve scarce resources and engage synergistic strategies, thus doing more to help community colleges make a difference for a nation of learners.
The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has served as the primary membership association of American community colleges for more than 80 years, representing through its membership 95 percent of all accredited, two-year colleges.  The Association is dedicated to a mission of “building a nation of learners by advancing America’s community colleges.” AACC is the primary political voice and advocacy organization for community colleges in the U.S., spearheading ongoing efforts to promote greater national awareness of community colleges and their issues. AACC monitors and promotes legislation, shapes policy, and provides research into the educational, economic, and social impact of its more than 1,100 member institutions. Moreover, it is a lead professional organization, providing networking and development opportunities for members. The Association is guided by six strategic action areas: national and international recognition and advocacy for community colleges, learning and accountability, leadership development, economic and workforce development, connectedness across AACC membership, and international and intercultural education.  AACC is the point of contact for governments and individuals seeking information about and interaction with American community colleges.  Finally, because of its leadership position, AACC plays a lead role in identifying, exploring, and engaging and/or promoting work surrounding key issues that affect the community college sector.

The League for Innovation in the Community College (League) is an international consortium of 19 Board Member and 750 Alliance Member colleges dedicated to “catalyzing the community college movement.” For more than 35 years, the League has developed innovative programs and fostered best practice in teaching and learning, leadership, workforce development, learning-centered education, information technology, resource development, diversity, and student success. Furthermore, the League works with a host of corporate partners, government agencies, foundations, and other associations in its best practice and program work. The League, as a matter of charter and practice, does not play a state or national policy advocacy role, nor does it strive to represent the broad interests of the U.S. community college sector. The League is a catalyst for positive change; it is a resource for community colleges nationally and internationally. It seeks to serve any and all policy and advocacy organizations by informing their efforts, but, as previously stated, neither assumes nor aspires to a state or national advocacy role.

Given the complementary roles that AACC and League play in the community college sector, it is not only appropriate, but also essential that these leading organizations cooperate and coordinate their efforts. With this in mind, both the AACC Board of Directors and the League Board of Directors direct their respective CEOs to promote and engage positive and consistent dialog on ongoing work. Moreover, they are encouraged to partner in joint efforts where appropriate, leveraging the quality skill sets and resources of both organizations. Finally, the AACC and League Boards commit to developing and fostering a positive and functional relationship between the organizations to the end of supporting community colleges nationally and internationally in their efforts to serve students and communities.

Adopted by the AACC Board of Directors on April 5, 2003.

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