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 Affiliated Council Application 

To prepare a request for affiliated council status to present to the Board, the affiliated council applicant must  make a formal request on the organization's letterhead and attach the following documentation.

  1. A description of the organization and its membership, including the number of members by category (i.e., individual and institutional).
  2. Address and contact information for the headquarters of the organization (including telephone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, URL of Web Site, and staff member names and positions as appropriate).
  3. Rationale for requesting AACC-Affiliated Council status.
  4. A copy of the current bylaws which include a statement that the organization supports the purposes and objectives of AACC.
  5. Roster of current officers and schedule for election or selection of officers.
  6. A copy of the organization’s current annual goals and a review of the past year’s accomplishments.
  7. Documentation on affirming the Affiliated Council’s 501c.3 status, current financial statements, and most recent audit report.
  8. Dates and locations of upcoming annual and regional meetings, workshops, conferences, and conventions.
  9. Samples of newsletters, journals, or other publications.
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