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 Steps in the Process 

An organization that wishes to affiliate with AACC as a council must submit to the AACC President and CEO a letter of request for consideration for affiliated council status.  The letter should set forth the organization’s purpose, membership criteria, form of governance, financial structure, and a statement of the benefits that would accrue to AACC by affiliation. 

The President and CEO will render an initial decision on whether the request is complete, and can be forwarded to AACC Board of Directors or AACC Executive Committee, whichever meets first. 

To prepare an application for a decision by the Board, the affiliated council applicant must make a formal request on organization's letterhead, and attach specific documentation.  The complete application requesting affiliated council status is presented to the AACC Board of Directors or Executive Committee of the Board.  After the vote, the organization is notified of the decision on its request. 

An organization that is denied affiliation may be granted a hearing by the AACC Board of Directors if a request is filed within 45 days after notice of denial is mailed by AACC.

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