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How do I know if the Roueche Future Leaders Institute (Roueche-FLI) is right for me?  

Roueche-FLI is designed for mid-level community college administrators. These individuals typically have the title of Dean, Associate Dean or Director and are responsible for multiple employees on their campus.  AACC recognizes that titles denote different responsibilities depending on the institution therefore careful attention is paid to the applicant's responsibilities, career history, who they report to, who reports to them and how long they've held their current position.

Are faculty members eligible to participate in Roueche-FLI?

Yes. Faculty in leadership roles such as Department Chair who are looking to cross over to administration are eligible to participate in Roueche-FLI.

Are any college credits or Continuing Education Units awarded for Roueche-FLI?

AACC does not award any academic or continuing education credits for any of its professional development activities. However, AACC has an articulation agreement with Walden University that states: "Institute certificate holders, who successfully complete an American Association of Community Colleges Future Leaders conference and are admitted to the Walden University Ph.D. in Education program with a specialization in Community College Leadership will receive credit for Application section of KAM VI with critical essay."

How much does the institute cost?

The Roueche-FLI registration fee is $1800 for AACC member institutions and $2100 for non-member institutions.  Payment is due once participants are accepted to the institute. Funds should NOT be submitted with the application.  This registration fee does not include, lodging, transportation or meals. 

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