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 2013-2014 Editorial Calendar 

October/ November 2013
Cover Story: Health Care: A Rapidly Changing Landscape
Features: Best of Show Websites; How to Create Effective Social Media Campaigns.

December/January 2014
Cover Story: Workforce Education and Partnerships

Cover Story: The Hot Button: Tackling the Toughest Challenges in Community College Advocacy
Features: Can’t Be Beat: A closer look at the most challenging and successful community college advocacy programs; Know Your Donor: Strategies for reaching out and connecting with major donors; Reclaiming the American Dream: Your policy and advocacy agenda.

Cover Story: Annual Convention Issue/Great Expectations: Implementing a Success Agenda
Features: The Blueprint: Findings from the 21st century commission implementation teams; Stay Committed: The drive to improve college completion rates; Compare and Contrast: A closer look at new community college accountability metrics; One Goal: Highlighting the success of community college and K¬–12 partnerships.

Cover Story: Underwater: Exploring the Depth of Student Debt
Features: In Good Standing: Helping colleges manage student default rates; Finding Funds: Colleges develop new ways to help students pay for college; What’s Your Role? The quest to rethink institutional roles and functions.

Cover Story: What’s Next? The Technology Issue
Features: The Future is…Now? Six high-tech products that are poised to change the future of community college education; The Network: Building the IT infrastructure to support next-generation technologies; Still Green? Checking in on advancing sustainability in community college education.

October/ November
Cover Story: Change Agents: The Hard Work of Changing Campus Culture
Features: Change Agents: Community college leaders offer advice for beginning the hard work of institutional change; Why Relationships Matter: Strategies for working with board members and other stakeholders; The Next Step: How to identify and develop leaders within your ranks; Close Up on Innovation: Highlighting the success of NSF ATE programs

December/January 2015
Cover Story: Workforce and Economic Development
Features: Closing the Skills Gap: Preparing students for the global economy


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