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Wilmington, NC

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To lead, oversee, and participate in the work of dental assisting faculty responsible for providing classroom and laboratory instructional services; and to perform a variety of administrative tasks relative to assigned areas of responsibility.


This faculty must be fully trained in all procedures relating to dental assisting program:
a. Budget preparation
b. Fiscal administration
c. Curriculum development and coordination
d. Selection and recommendation of individuals for faculty appointment and promotion
e. Supervision and evaluation of faculty
f. Determining faculty teaching assignments and schedules
g. Determining admissions criteria and procedures
h. Scheduling use of program facilities
i. Development and responsibilities to maintain CODA accreditation compliance and documentation


Receives general supervision from the Health Sciences Chairperson.

Exercises functional and technical supervision over dental assisting faculty and staff.

ESSENTIAL AND OTIIER IMPORTANT FUNCTION STATEMENTS--  Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Essential Functions:

Lead, plan, provide training to, and review the work of faculty responsible for providing classroom instruction and laboratory demonstration services relating to a specific academic program; prepare annual, written evaluations of assigned instructors.

Submit class schedules and book orders for courses in assigned program areas.

Research and develop new courses and areas of study.

Supervise the use of and operate various instructional equipment and tools; provide instructional demonstrations on mechanical machinery or other equipment as appropriate; develop laboratory assignments to provide hands on experience as appropriate.

Develop class outlines and establish guidelines for various courses; prepare lesson plans and supplemental teaching materials; schedule classroom activities.

Communicate with upper level instructional faculty regarding ongoing implementation and evaluation of assigned instructional program; participate in systematic program evaluation.

Train new instructors in classroom or laboratory instruction methods, techniques, and in assembling and using equipment.

Verify the work of assigned employees for accuracy, proper work methods, techniques, and compliance with applicable standards and specifications.

Provide classroom and laboratory instruction to students,

Develop and prepare tests to evaluate student performance; grade and record individual scores,

Participate in a variety of student related administrative activities including reviewing admission requirements, progress and qualifications for graduation; may participate in recommending graduates for employment and various licensing requirements.

Act as an advisor and counselor to students; provide individual tutoring to students outside of the classroom as needed; participate in student recruitment efforts.

Lead and participate in curriculum development, evaluation and change; ensure that curriculum contributes to the development of skills, knowledge and abilities, which prepare students forselected vocations; schedule, conduct and attend faculty meetings as required.

Maintain accurate records of student attendance and performance; maintain other records and databases according to program needs or accreditation requirements.

Stay abreast of new developments and changes in various assigned academic fields; participate in faculty development programs, workshops, seminars and other continuing education programs as appropriate.

Oversee the implementation of policies and procedures related to required teaching area.
Assist in the recruitment of students from community high schools; provide support to student services staff regarding recruitment activities.

Participate on college committees and in other institutional activities and programs.

Review available instructional materials; maintain laboratory equipment and supply inventory levels; test and make minor repairs on equipment; estimate time, materials, and equipment required for various assignments; requisition materials and supplies as required; submit requests
for materials, supplies and equipment to upper level instructional faculty as a part of the annual budget process; may also submit requisitions for facilities needs based on space evaluation.

Develop and monitor the department budget.

Develop, implement and monitor clinical procedures to assure client safety and that all client treatment is conducted in a legal and ethical manner and within the standard of care.

Act as chief administrator for the dental assisting clinical facility.

Other Important Functions:

Ensure the adherence to safe and appropriate work practices and procedures

Respond to student or public inquiries in a courteous manner, provide information within the area of assignment; resolve complaints in an efficient and timely manner.

Fill in for other instructors as needed.

Assess the relevancy and impact of various lessons; revise and improve lesson format; evaluate various textbooks and select books to be used for future classes.

Oversee and participate in field studies and assignments; travel with students to provide assistance and instruction as appropriate.

Plan and conduct semiannual advisory committee meetings

Demonstrate competence regarding the handling of hazardous substances such as blood borne pathogens; continually undergo training and train students in such procedures (required for all faculty).

Demonstrate community involvement

Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Additional Responsibilities Particular to Dental Assisting:

Represent the Dental Assisting Program in relationship to accrediting bodies, state agencies, and professional organizations.

Identify needs of extramural locations and negotiate and maintain cooperative agreements with clinical sites. Coordinates assignments to these sites.

Schedule and chair dental assisting faculty meetings.

Coordinate with Dental Hygiene Lead Instructor/Program Director the assignment of faculty, resources, facilities and equipment.

Assist in identifying faculty development needs. Plan, develop, and implement programs to meet those needs. Assist faculty in locating educational and continuing educational opportunities.

Maintains medical, bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, radiation safety and CPR certification records for students and/or faculty and staff, if applicable.

Recommend student body size consistent with demands for dental assistants in the area.

Make teaching assignments consistent with faculty expertise and preferences, if possible

Encourage a variety teaching strategies to foster critical thinking and clinical application

Determine clinical requirements and ensure they are met.

Oversee the responsibility of running of the on-site clinical sessions and procedures.


Knowledge of:

Operations, services and activities of a comprehensive and modem academic program,

Principles of lead supervision and training.

Methods and techniques of classroom and laboratory instruction related to the area of work assigned.

Operational characteristics of instructional equipment and tools used in the classroom or laboratory.

Principles and procedures of academic and instructional program development and administration.

Principles and practices of curriculum development and instructional teaching strategies.

Current trends, research findings and developments in the area of assignment.

Ability to:

Lead, organize, and review the work of instructional faculty in the area of work assigned,

Independently perform classroom and laboratory instructional activities in the area of work assigned.

Research and develop new courses and instructional programs.

Interpret, explain, and enforce college policies and procedures.

Operate a variety of instructional equipment in a safe and effective manner.

Interpret and apply college goals, objectives, policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of goals.

Effectively direct the activities of the academic area to which assigned in support of the college.

Gain cooperation through discussion and persuasion.

Interpret and apply Federal, State and local policies, procedures, laws and regulations.

Understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:

  • making observations
  • reading and writing
  • communicating with others
  • operating assigned equipment
  • handling varied tasks simultaneously.

Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, which may include the following:

  • standing or sitting for extended periods of time
  • preparing and presenting instructional material
  • operating assigned equipment.

Maintain mental capacity, which allows the capability of:

  • making sound decisions
  • responding to questions
  • demonstrating intellectual capabilities.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Experience in teaching in a dental assisting program with current knowledge of clinical instruction and evaluation.

Management experience is preferred.


Evidence of academic preparation consistent with the American Dental Association Commission's standards for accreditation. This includes an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an understanding of educational theory and practice.
A masters degree earned in education or in a related field is preferred.

The program administrator must be a Dental Assisting National Board “Certified Dental Assistant” or dentist licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina, with occupational experience in the application of fourhanded dentistry principles, either as a dental assistant or working with a chairside assistant.

Revised: March 28 , 2013



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4/10/2013 12:00 AM
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