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 Collaborations and Partnerships 

AACC's commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity is demonstrated in its numerous working relationships with other organizations, programs and initiatives that have an equity agenda.

AACC Affiliated Councils

AACC works closely with four affiliated councils that represent minority groups:

American Association for Women in Community Colleges - The AAWCC is dedicated to changing women's lives through leadership and education, thus strengthening our colleges and communities.


National Asian/Pacific Islander Council - The purpose of the NAPIC shall be to organize and operate for educational purposes, including access to quality education for Asian/Pacific Islanders in America, the enhancement of our pluralistic society, advocacy and policy, and the development of the nation’s total human resources.




National Council on Black American Affairs - NCBAA serves as a collaborative voice promoting the academic and professional success of African American staff and students within the community college system nationally.


National Community College Hispanic Council - NCCHC is the premier organization for Hispanic leadership development in community colleges. Its mission is to increase the number of successful Hispanic leaders in America's community colleges through leadership development.


AACC's support of councils includes promoting leadership and other events, assisting with logistical and member inquiries and attending board meetings and professional development programs. AACC has supported councils at its annual convention in the following ways: assisting with sessions; providing travel scholarships for rising council leaders for the AACC's preconference workshop, "Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling"; and sustaining the spotlight session on diversity in leadership and navigating the pipeline, for which members of the AACC Board and Commission on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity participate as resource facilitators.

Partner Organizations

Black, Brown and College Bound Conference
In support of the Black, Brown and College Bound summit, AACC helps organize sessions and provide speakers for this annual conference organized by Hillsborough Community College and other Florida community colleges to examine the personal, social, economic and academic factors that affect Black and Hispanic male students.



Casey Family Programs
AACC actively supports the work of the Casey Family Programs, which focuses on providing high quality services and advocacy for youth that have been in foster care, many of whom come from minority groups. AACC assists the Casey Family Foundation in its outreach efforts to this diverse student population and is represented in the Casey Family Programs Education Consortium.


Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education
Founded in 2008, the Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education (CCCIE) is a catalyst for change in the field of immigrant education. AACC is a member of the CCCIE Blue Ribbon Panel, which works to raise the visibility of immigrant education on the national and state levels through strategic partnerships, education and advocacy initiatives and a database of promising practices in community colleges.


White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities 
AACC works closely with top officials to strengthen the capacity of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU) to provide excellence in education. AACC hosted a session with 10 of the 14 two-year HBCU presidents and provided speaker and logistical support at the most recent HBCU conference in Washington, DC.

Other Ongoing Relationships

AACC collaborates with other organizations that advance the equity agenda nationally, including:

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