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AACC, in partnership with ACCT and the College Board, is managing the VFA and has appointed:

  • The VFA Steering Committee
  • Four VFA Working Groups comprised of college presidents, accountability leaders, workforce development professionals, trustees, and institutional researchers--each led by a facilitator with experience in education consulting and communications.
  1. Student Progress and Outcomes: defining measures such as successful completion of developmental education; credit milestone progress and course success rates; percentage of students completing certificates and degrees, transfer, and a composite overall success rate.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes: examining student learning outcomes and assessment practices across institutions to recommend ways for institutions to report learning outcomes.
  3. Workforce, Economic, and Community Development: defining measures such as successful completion of noncredit and credit workforce programs, licensure exam pass rates, job placement rates; and contributions to local economic and community development needs.
  4. Communications and College Engagement: preparing a strategic plan to achieve wide-spread, voluntary adoption of the VFA measures.

The VFA Phase II is supported through equal grants from Lumina Foundation for Education and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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