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 AACC Commission, Committee and Board Meetings 

Photo: Capitol building in Washington, D.C.The AACC Commission, Committee and Board Meetings will be held November 11-12, 2015, in Arlington, Virginia. The AACC Board of Directors will meet on November 13.

This meeting is comprised of the individual and joint meetings of three different groups: the AACC Board of Directors, the Coalition of Affiliated Councils, and the AACC Commissions.

The days to plan to attend the meeting are determined by the groups that you are affiliated with, i.e., AACC Commissions, AACC Board of Directors, or the Coalition of Affiliated Councils. Please see the meeting schedule link for more information.


To register, click here.

Individuals not serving on the AACC board or a commission, but interested in attending the meetings should e-mail and provide your name, title, and contact information. Guests must be AACC members unless invited by the commission to provide a presentation.

 Questions About Commissions?

For Commission specific questions, please contact your commission liaison:





 Future Dates

November 11–12, 2015, Board Meeting - Nov. 13

November 9–10, 2016, Board Meeting - Nov. 11

 Contact Information

For general questions, please contact:

Dr. Angel M. Royal
Chief of Staff
Ph: 202.728.0200 x255

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