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 AACC Is a Game Changer 

According to The Online Slang Dictionary, a game changer is something that radically changes a situation. At AACC, we believe that leadership and professional development can be your "game changer." 

This page showcases our AACC Leadership Suite alums and their testimonials speaking to how AACC has been a game changer for them professionally.

January, 2013

 “The Future Presidents Institute (FPI) was probably the single most valuable professional development opportunity to date. The week provides the unique opportunity to learn from current and past presidents about their experiences including the successes and challenges. Having the chance to dialogue with those familiar with emerging trends, aspects of advocacy and fundraising, and the realities of crisis management were invaluable. The mock interview provided a dose of reality and was great practice. The connections made with the other participants was crucial. Having a network of others with a similar experience will be a critical resource and lifeline in the future. The emersion experience also allows for reflection and discernment as to whether or not a presidency is the best professional direction to go. Participation in FPI was critical for me in determining whether or not a presidency is right for me, the type of presidency in which I might be a fit, and when to pursue this major life event.”

Sandra Caldwell, Associate VP for Planning and Improvement, Western Wyoming Community College,
FPI Alum (Baltimore) 2012


September, 2012

Voytek“The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) is your opportunity to take time to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses and see yourself through the eyes of others. You get the ‘real deal’ at FLI and will return to your college with tangible leadership information you can put into action. I met fantastic mentors and am now networked with colleagues who will be with me throughout my career in higher education. I can see the path to higher positions in community colleges. The knowledge I gained at FLI puts me and Coconino Community College steps ahead of colleges who do not have the opportunity to attend.”

- Robert Voytek, Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Services, Coconino Community College, FLI Alum (Baltimore) 2012

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