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 Hot Issues 

The issues listed in this section are a reflection of AACC's strategic priorities. The intent is to provide users with a cross-section of important issues surrounding community colleges. These issues will change as the scope and intensity of the issues change. Browse through the list of "hot issues" affecting community colleges today by clicking on the links below.

Community Building - Building Communities has been a source of inspiration for faculty, staff, and trustees at community colleges.  Community colleges seek to serve as catalysts, connectors, and collaborators for the community.

Economic/Workforce Development - Providing qualified employees to meet the demands of the workplace is of a central role to community colleges.  Community colleges are committed to helping local communities keep pace with economic changes and address the benefits for both workers and businesses.

Global Awareness - Living in a global system, community colleges have a responsibility to prepare students to live and work in a global setting.  They also have the ability to play an important role in developing their communities and participating in the creation of this global society.

Inclusiveness - Community colleges provide access to a broad spectrum of quality educational opportunities and life experiences.  The colleges value diversity as an enhancement of those experiences, in their classrooms, administrative offices, and board rooms.

Institutional Development - Explore your college's institutional effectiveness.  Improve planning, teaching, long-range planning and decision making.

Leadership - Community colleges are facing an impending leadership crisis. College presidents, senior administrators, and faculty leaders have been retiring at an alarming rate. The average age of people in these positions continues to increase, and upcoming retirements in the positions are projected to be higher than normal.

Student Development - Helping students to become more informed and healthier individuals is of great importance to the field of education and specifically community colleges.  Community colleges also recognize the importance of civic responsibility and service learning in helping students to become their best.

Sustainability/Green Jobs - Community colleges are working to improve the energy efficiency of their campuses, infuse sustainability into curricula, and train much of the nation's renewable energy workforce.

Teaching and Learning - What shall students learn and how should they learn?  These are questions that continue to surface in education and have inspired educators to examine modes of communication to best fit a student's needs in an evolving society.

Technology - Technology is an integral part of our lives and the economy.  This is also true in the realm of education.  Through distance learning, the Internet and other means, colleges can compete on a greater scale overcoming limitations in size, location, and costs.




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